Pro HTML5 Accessibility: Building an Inclusive Web (2012)

Pro HTML5 Accessibility: Building an Inclusive Web (2012)

CHAPTER 1.Introduction to HTML5 Accessibility

CHAPTER 2.Understanding Disability and Assistive Technology

CHAPTER 3.JavaScript Isn’t a Dirty Word, and ARIA Isn’t Just Beautiful Music

CHAPTER 4.Understanding Accessibility APIs, Screen Readers, and the DOM

CHAPTER 5.HTML5: The New Semantics and New Approaches to Document Markup

CHAPTER 6.Images, Rich Media, Audio, and Video in HTML5

CHAPTER 7.HTML5 and Accessible Data Tables

CHAPTER 8.HTML5 and Accessible Forms

CHAPTER 9.HTML5, Usability, and User-Centered Design

CHAPTER 10.Tools, Tips, and Tricks: Assessing Your Accessible HTML5 Project

APPENDIX A.WCAG 2.0 Client-Side Scripting Techniques

APPENDIX B.Definition of WAI-ARIA Roles