How Linux Works: What Every Superuser Should Know (2015)

How Linux Works: What Every Superuser Should Know (2015)


Chapter 1. The Big Picture

Chapter 2. Basic Commands and Directory Hierarchy

Chapter 3. Devices

Chapter 4. Disks and Filesystems

Chapter 5. How the Linux Kernel Boots

Chapter 6. How User Space Starts

Chapter 7. System Configuration: Logging, System Time, Batch Jobs, and Users

Chapter 8. A Closer Look at Processes and Resource Utilization

Chapter 9. Understanding your Network and its Configuration

Chapter 10. Network Applications and Services

Chapter 11. Introduction to Shell Scripts

Chapter 12. Moving Files Across the Network

Chapter 13. User Environments

Chapter 14. A Brief Survey of the Linux Desktop

Chapter 15. Development Tools

Chapter 16. Introduction to Compiling Software From C Source Code

Chapter 17. Building on the Basics

Appendix A. Bibliography