Cloud Computing Bible (2011)

Cloud Computing Bible (2011)

Part I: Examining the Value Proposition

Chapter 1: Defining Cloud Computing

Chapter 2: Assessing the Value Proposition

Chapter 3: Understanding Cloud Architecture

Chapter 4: Understanding Services and Applications by Type

Part II: Using Platforms

Chapter 5: Understanding Abstraction and Virtualization

Chapter 6: Capacity Planning

Chapter 7: Exploring Platform as a Service

Chapter 8: Using Google Web Services

Chapter 9: Using Amazon Web Services

Chapter 10: Using Microsoft Cloud Services

Part III: Exploring Cloud Infrastructures

Chapter 11: Managing the Cloud

Chapter 12: Understanding Cloud Security

Part IV: Understanding Services and Applications

Chapter 13: Understanding Service Oriented Architecture

Chapter 14: Moving Applications to the Cloud

Chapter 15: Working with Cloud-Based Storage

Chapter 16: Working with Productivity Software

Chapter 17: Using Webmail Services

Chapter 18: Communicating with the Cloud

Chapter 19: Using Media and Streaming

Part V: Using the Mobile Cloud

Chapter 20: Working with Mobile Devices

Chapter 21: Working with Mobile Web Services