Programming Windows Store Apps with HTML CSS and JavaSript (2014)

Programming Windows Store Apps with HTML CSS and JavaSript (2014)

Chapter 1.The Life Story of a Windows Store App: Characteristics of the Windows Platform

Chapter 2.Quickstart

Chapter 3.App Anatomy and Performance Fundamentals

Chapter 4.Web Content and Services

Chapter 5.Controls and Control Styling

Chapter 6.Data Binding, Templates, and Collections

Chapter 7.Collection Controls

Chapter 8.Layout and Views

Chapter 9.Commanding UI

Chapter 10.The Story of State, Part 1: App Data and Settings

Chapter 11.The Story of State, Part 2: User Data, Files, and OneDrive

Chapter 12.Input and Sensors

Chapter 13.Media

Chapter 14.Purposeful Animations

Chapter 15.Contracts

Chapter 16.Alive with Activity: Tiles, Notifications, the Lock Screen, and Background Tasks

Chapter 17.Devices and Printing

Chapter 18.WinRT Components: An Introduction

Chapter 19.Apps for Everyone, Part 1: Accessibility and World-Readiness

Chapter 20.Apps for Everyone, Part 2: The Windows Store

Appendix A. Demystifying Promises

Appendix B. WinJS Extras

Appendix C. Additional Networking Topics

Appendix D. Provider-Side Contracts