Professional C++ (2014)

Professional C++ (2014)

Part I: Introduction to Professional C++

CHAPTER 1.A Crash Course in C++ and the STL

CHAPTER 2.Working with Strings

CHAPTER 3.Coding with Style

Part IІ: Professional C++ Software Design

CHAPTER 4.Designing Professional C++ Programs

CHAPTER 5.Designing with Objects

CHAPTER 6.Designing for Reuse

Part IІІ: Coding the Professional Way

CHAPTER 7.Gaining Proficiency with Classes and Objects

CHAPTER 8.Mastering Classes and Objects

CHAPTER 9.Discovering Inheritance Techniques

CHAPTER 10.C++ Quirks, Oddities, and Incidentals

CHAPTER 11.Writing Generic Code with Templates

CHAPTER 12.Demystifying C++ I/O

CHAPTER 13.Handling Errors

CHAPTER 14.Overloading C++ Operators

CHAPTER 15.Overview of the C++ Standard Library

CHAPTER 16.Understanding Containers and Iterators

CHAPTER 17.Mastering STL Algorithms

CHAPTER 18.String Localization and Regular Expressions

CHAPTER 19.Additional Library Utilities

Part IV: Mastering Advanced Features of C++

CHAPTER 20.Customizing and Extending the STL

CHAPTER 21.Advanced Templates

CHAPTER 22.Memory Management

CHAPTER 23.Multithreaded Programming with C++

Part V: C++ Software Engineering

CHAPTER 24.Maximizing Software Engineering Methods

CHAPTER 25.Writing Efficient C++

CHAPTER 26.Overloading C++ Operators

Appendix A.C++ Interviews

Appendix B.Annotated Bibliography

Appendix C.Standard Library Header Files