Part I. What Is Big Data?

Chapter 1. Industry Needs and Solutions

Chapter 2. Microsoft's Approach to Big Data

Part II. Setting Up for Big Data with Microsoft

Chapter 3. Configuring Your First Big Data Environment

Part III. Storing and Managing Big Data

Chapter 4. HDFS, Hive, HBase, and HCatalog

Chapter 5. Storing and Managing Data in HDFS

Chapter 6. Adding Structure with Hive

Chapter 7. Expanding Your Capability with HBase and HCatalog

Part IV. Working with Your Big Data

Chapter 8. Effective Big Data ETL with SSIS, Pig, and Sqoop

Chapter 9. Data Research and Advanced Data Cleansing with Pig and Hive

Part V. Big Data and SQL Server Together

Chapter 10. Data Warehouses and Hadoop Integration

Chapter 11. Visualizing Big Data with Microsoft BI

Chapter 12. Big Data Analytics

Chapter 13. Big Data and the Cloud

Chapter 14. Big Data in the Real World

Part VI. Moving Your Big Data Forward

Chapter 15. Building and Executing Your Big Data Plan

Chapter 16. Operational Big Data Management