Responsive Web Design, Part 2 (2015)

Responsive Web Design, Part 2 (2015)

Web Fonts Performance

Chapter 1: Web Fonts And Formats

Chapter 2: Font Loading

Chapter 3: CSS font-rendering Property

Chapter 4: CSS Font Loading API

Chapter 5: Basic Optimizations

Chapter 6: Font Loading Strategies

Responsive Images

Chapter 7: How It All Began

Chapter 8: What Is The Responsive Images Problem?

Chapter 9: The Different Use Cases

Chapter 10: Art Direction

Chapter 11: Image Format Fallback

Chapter 12: Did You Think Of Using CSS?

Chapter 13: The Importance Of Image Optimization

Chapter 14:Deployment Concerns

Testing And Debugging Responsive Web Design

Chapter 15: Phase 1: How You Shouldn’t Do It

Chapter 16: Phase 2: Getting Better At Making, Testing And Debugging Responsive Websites

Chapter 17: Phase 3: Expertly Applying Testing To Your Development Workflow

Responsive Email Design

Chapter 18: We’ve Been Here Before

Chapter 19: The Email Development Landscape

Chapter 20: Email Clients

Chapter 21: Webmail Clients

Chapter 22: Mobile Clients

Chapter 23: The Question Of Market Share

Chapter 24: Emails Aren’t Websites

Chapter 25: Email Development Basics

Chapter 26: The Principles Of Responsive Email Development

Chapter 27: Principle Into Practice

Chapter 28: In Summary

Performance Optimization Roadmap

Chapter 29: Good Old-Fashioned Website Decay

Chapter 30: Deferring Non-Critical JavaScript

Chapter 31: Responsive Images

Chapter 32: An Ongoing Battle

Beyond Responsive: Optimizing For Offline

Chapter 33: Are We Online Yet?

Chapter 34: Beyond Service Workers: Web Storage

Counting Stars: Creativity Over Predictability

Chapter 35: Our Responsive Designs Lack Soul

Chapter 36: Process And Predictability

Chapter 37: Dominated By Process

Chapter 38: A Platform For Creativity

Chapter 39: Buying Creativity

Chapter 40: Common Ground In Creative Teams

Chapter 41: A Varied Pool Of Talent

Chapter 42: Giving Our Work The Creative Soul It Deserves