Microsoft® Visual C#® 2012 Step by Step (2012)

Microsoft® Visual C#® 2012 Step by Step (2012)

Chapter 1.Welcome to C#

Chapter 2.Working with Variables, Operators, and Expressions

Chapter 3.Writing Methods and Applying Scope

Chapter 4.Using Decision Statements

Chapter 5.Using Compound Assignment and Iteration Statements

Chapter 6.Managing Errors and Exceptions

Chapter 7.Creating and Managing Classes and Objects

Chapter 8.Understanding Values and References

Chapter 9.Creating Value Types with Enumerations and Structures

Chapter 10.Using Arrays

Chapter 11.Understanding Parameter Arrays

Chapter 12.Working with Inheritance

Chapter 13.Creating Interfaces and Defining Abstract Classes

Chapter 14.Using Garbage Collection and Resource Management

Chapter 15.Implementing Properties to Access Fields

Chapter 16.Using Indexers

Chapter 17.Introducing Generics

Chapter 18.Using Collections

Chapter 19.Enumerating Collections

Chapter 20.Decoupling Application Logic and Handling Events

Chapter 21.Querying In-Memory Data by Using Query Expressions

Chapter 22.Operator Overloading

Chapter 23.Improving Throughput by Using Tasks

Chapter 24.Improving Response Time by Performing Asynchronous Operations

Chapter 25.Implementing the User Interface for a Windows Store App

Chapter 26.Displaying and Searching for Data in a Windows Store App

Chapter 27.Accessing a Remote Database in a Windows Store App