MySQL High Availability (2014)

MySQL High Availability (2014)



Part I. High Availability and Scalability

Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. MySQL Replicant Library

Chapter 3. MySQL Replication Fundamentals

Chapter 4. The Binary Log

Chapter 5. Replication for High Availability

Chapter 6. MySQL Replication for Scale-Out

Chapter 7. Data Sharding

Chapter 8. Replication Deep Dive

Chapter 9. MySQL Cluster

Part II. Monitoring and Managing

Chapter 10. Getting Started with Monitoring

Chapter 11. Monitoring MySQL

Chapter 12. Storage Engine Monitoring

Chapter 13. Replication Monitoring

Chapter 14. Replication Troubleshooting

Chapter 15. Protecting Your Investment

Chapter 16. MySQL Enterprise Monitor

Chapter 17. Managing MySQL Replication with MySQL Utilities

Appendix A. Replication Tips and Tricks

Appendix B. A GTID Implementation