Understanding Context: Environment, Language, and Information Architecture (2014)

Understanding Context: Environment, Language, and Information Architecture (2014)

Part I: The Context Problem

Chapter 1: Everything, Yet Something

Chapter 2: A Growing Challenge

Chapter 3: Environments, Elements, and Information

Part II: Physical Information

Chapter 4: Perception, Cognition, and Affordance

Chapter 5: Attention, Control, and Learning

Chapter 6: The Elements of the Environment

Chapter 7: What Humans Make

Part III: Semantic Information

Chapter 8: How Language Works

Chapter 9: Language as Infrastructure

Chapter 10: The Written Word

Chapter 11: Making Things Make Sense

Part IV: Digital Information

Chapter 12: Digital Cognition and Agency

Chapter 13: Digital Interaction

Chapter 14: Digital Environment

Part V: The Maps We Live In

Chapter 15: Information as Architecture

Chapter 16: Mapping and Placemaking

Chapter 17: Virtual and Ambient Places

Chapter 18: The Social Map

Part VI: Composing Context

Chapter 19: Arrangement and Substance

Chapter 20: The Materials of Semantic Function

Chapter 21: Narratives and Situations

Chapter 22: Models and Making

Appendix A. Coda

Appendix B. About the Author

Appendix C. Understanding Context