Expert Oracle SQL: Optimization, Deployment, and Statistics (2014)

Expert Oracle SQL: Optimization, Deployment, and Statistics (2014)



PART 1. Basic Concepts

CHAPTER 1. SQL Features

CHAPTER 2. The Cost-Based Optimizer

CHAPTER 3. Basic Execution Plan Concepts

CHAPTER 4. The Runtime Engine

CHAPTER 5. Introduction to Tuning

CHAPTER 6. Object Statistics and Deployment

PART 2. Advanced Concepts

CHAPTER 7. Advanced SQL Concepts

CHAPTER 8. Advanced Execution Plan Concepts

CHAPTER 9. Object Statistics

PART 3. The Cost-Based Optimizer

CHAPTER 10. Access Methods

CHAPTER 11. Joins

CHAPTER 12. Final State Optimization

CHAPTER 13. Optimizer Transformations

PART 4. Optimization

CHAPTER 14. Why Do Things Go Wrong?

CHAPTER 15. Physical Database Design

CHAPTER 16. Rewriting Queries

CHAPTER 17. Optimizing Sorts

CHAPTER 18. Using Hints

CHAPTER 19. Advanced Tuning Techniques

PART 5. Managing Statistics with TSTATS

CHAPTER 20. Managing Statistics with TSTATS