Biologically Inspired Computer Vision (2015)

Biologically Inspired Computer Vision (2015)

Part I: Fundamentals

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Bioinspired Vision Sensing

Chapter 3: Retinal Processing: From Biology to Models and Applications

Chapter 4: Modeling Natural Image Statistics

Chapter 5: Perceptual Psychophysics

Part II: Sensing

Chapter 6: Bioinspired Optical Imaging

Chapter 7: Biomimetic Vision Systems

Chapter 8: Plenoptic Cameras

Part III: Modelling

Chapter 9: Probabilistic Inference and Bayesian Priors in Visual Perception

Chapter 10: From Neuronal Models to Neuronal Dynamics and Image Processing

Chapter 11: Computational Models of Visual Attention and Applications

Chapter 12: Visual Motion Processing and Human Tracking Behavior

Chapter 13: Cortical Networks of Visual Recognition

Chapter 14: Sparse Models for Computer Vision

Chapter 15: Biologically Inspired Keypoints

Part IV: Applications

Chapter 16: Nightvision Based on a Biological Model

Chapter 17: Bioinspired Motion Detection Based on an FPGA Platform

Chapter 18: Visual Navigation in a Cluttered World