Foundations of Algorithms (2015)

Foundations of Algorithms (2015)

Chapter 1 Algorithms: Efficiency, Analysis, and Order

Chapter 2 Divide-and-Conquer

Chapter 3 Dynamic Programming

Chapter 4 The Greedy Approach

Chapter 5 Backtracking

Chapter 6 Branch-and-Bound

Chapter 7 Introduction to Computational Complexity: The Sorting Problem

Chapter 8 More Computational Complexity: The Searching Problem

Chapter 9 Computational Complexity and Intractability: An Introduction to the Theory of NP

Chapter 10 Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming

Chapter 11 Number-Theoretic Algorithms

Chapter 12 Introduction to Parallel Algorithms

Appendix A Review of Necessary Mathematics

Appendix B Solving Recurrence Equations: With Applications to Analysis of Recursive Algorithms

Appendix C Data Structures for Disjoint Sets