For Dummies, 5th Edition (2014) For Dummies, 5th Edition (2014)


Part I. Salesforce Basics

Chapter 1. Looking Over Salesforce

Chapter 2. Navigating Salesforce

Chapter 3. Personalizing Your System

Part II. Keeping Track of Customer Relationships

Chapter 4. Managing Accounts

Chapter 5. Developing Contacts

Chapter 6. Collaborating with Chatter

Chapter 7. Managing Activities

Chapter 8. Sending E-Mail

Part III. Driving Sales with Sales Cloud

Chapter 9. Prospecting Leads

Chapter 10. Tracking Opportunities

Chapter 11. Tracking Products and Price Books

Chapter 12. Managing Your Partners

Part IV. Optimizing Demand with Marketing Cloud

Chapter 13. Driving Demand with Campaigns

Chapter 14. Driving Sales Effectiveness with Content Management

Part V. Delighting Customers with Service Cloud

Chapter 15. Performing Fast and Accurate Support

Chapter 16. Managing Your Contact Center with Service Cloud

Part VI. Measuring Overall Business Performance

Chapter 17. Analyzing Data with Reports

Chapter 18. Seeing the Big Picture with Dashboards

Part VII. Designing the Solution with

Chapter 19. Fine-Tuning the Configuration

Chapter 20. Customizing Salesforce with

Chapter 21. Extending Beyond CRM with the Platform

Chapter 22. Migrating and Maintaining Your Data

Part VIII. The Part of Tens

Chapter 23. Ten Ways to Drive More Productivity

Chapter 24. Ten Keys to a Successful Implementation