Elasticsearch: The Definitive Guide (2015)

Elasticsearch: The Definitive Guide (2015)



Part I. Getting Started

Chapter 1. You Know, for Search...

Chapter 2. Life Inside a Cluster

Chapter 3. Data In, Data Out

Chapter 4. Distributed Document Store

Chapter 5. Searching—The Basic Tools

Chapter 6. Mapping and Analysis

Chapter 7. Full-Body Search

Chapter 8. Sorting and Relevance

Chapter 9. Distributed Search Execution

Chapter 10. Index Management

Chapter 11. Inside a Shard

Part II. Search in Depth

Chapter 12. Structured Search

Chapter 13. Full-Text Search

Chapter 14. Multifield Search

Chapter 15. Proximity Matching

Chapter 16. Partial Matching

Chapter 17. Controlling Relevance

Part III. Dealing with Human Language

Chapter 18. Getting Started with Languages

Chapter 19. Identifying Words

Chapter 20. Normalizing Tokens

Chapter 21. Reducing Words to Their Root Form

Chapter 22. Stopwords: Performance Versus Precision

Chapter 23. Synonyms

Chapter 24. Typoes and Mispelings

Part IV. Aggregations

Chapter 25. High-Level Concepts

Chapter 26. Aggregation Test-Drive

Chapter 27. Building Bar Charts

Chapter 28. Looking at Time

Chapter 29. Scoping Aggregations

Chapter 30. Filtering Queries and Aggregations

Chapter 31. Sorting Multivalue Buckets

Chapter 32. Approximate Aggregations

Chapter 33. Significant Terms

Chapter 34. Controlling Memory Use and Latency

Chapter 35. Closing Thoughts

Part V. Geolocation

Chapter 36. Geo-Points

Chapter 37. Geohashes

Chapter 38. Geo-aggregations

Chapter 39. Geo-shapes

Part VI. Modeling Your Data

Chapter 40. Handling Relationships

Chapter 41. Nested Objects

Chapter 42. Parent-Child Relationship

Chapter 43. Designing for Scale

Part VII. Administration, Monitoring, and Deployment

Chapter 44. Monitoring

Chapter 45. Production Deployment

Chapter 46. Post-Deployment