Facebook All-in-One For Dummies, 2nd Edition (2014)

Facebook All-in-One For Dummies, 2nd Edition (2014)


Book I. Creating a Timeline

Chapter 1. Deciding to Join

Chapter 2. Creating Your Account

Chapter 3. Touring the Interface

Chapter 4. Customizing Your Privacy Settings

Chapter 5. Finding Help

Book II. Connecting with Others

Chapter 1. Creating Your Social Media Persona

Chapter 2. Posting and Interacting

Chapter 3. Sharing Photos

Chapter 4. Sharing Videos

Chapter 5. Participating in Groups

Chapter 6. Going Mobile

Chapter 7. Keeping Up with Events

Chapter 8. Having Private Conversations

Chapter 9. Games and Gifts

Chapter 10. Professional Networking

Chapter 11. Managing Connections Gone Awry

Book III. Connecting to Other Social Media

Chapter 1. What Is Social Media?

Chapter 2. Connecting Facebook to Everything Else

Chapter 3. Flying on Autopilot

Book IV. Building a Business Page

Chapter 1. Creating a Business Page

Chapter 2. Customizing Your Business Page

Chapter 3. Touring Your Business Page

Chapter 4. Building Your Community

Book V. Marketing Your Business

Chapter 1. Building a Network of Influence

Chapter 2. Running a Social Marketing Campaign

Chapter 3. Using Insights to Track Your Success

Chapter 4. Ads, Promotions, and Offers

Chapter 5. Identifying Your Target Audience

Book VI. Developing Facebook Apps

Chapter 1. Custom Apps for Business Pages

Chapter 2. Building Canvas Apps and Page Tabs

Chapter 3. Creating Your Own Apps

Chapter 4. Tour of the Facebook API