C++ All-in-One For Dummies (2009)

C++ All-in-One For Dummies (2009)

Book I. Introducing C++

CHAPTER 1.Creating a First C++ Program

CHAPTER 2.Storing Data in C++

CHAPTER 3.Directing Your C++ Program Flow

CHAPTER 4.Dividing Your Work with Functions

CHAPTER 5.Dividing Between Source-Code Files

CHAPTER 6.Referring to Your Data through Pointers

CHAPTER 7.Working with Classes

CHAPTER 8.Using Advanced C++ Features

Book IІ. Understanding Objects and Classes

CHAPTER 1.Planning and Building Objects

CHAPTER 2.Describing Your Program with UML

CHAPTER 3.Structuring Your Classes with UML

CHAPTER 4.Demonstrating Behavior with UML

CHAPTER 5.Modeling Your Programs with UML

CHAPTER 6.Building with Design Patterns

Book IІІ. Fixing Problems

CHAPTER 1.Dealing with Bugs

CHAPTER 2.Debugging a Program

CHAPTER 3.Stopping and Inspecting Your Code

CHAPTER 4.Traveling About the StackL

Book IV. Advanced Programming

CHAPTER 1.Working with Arrays, Pointers, and References

CHAPTER 2.Creating Data Structures

CHAPTER 3.Constructors, Destructors, and Exceptions

CHAPTER 4.Advanced Class Usages

CHAPTER 5.Creating Classes with Templates

CHAPTER 6.Programming with the Standard Library

Book V. Reading and Writing Files

CHAPTER 1.Filing Information with the Streams Library

CHAPTER 2.Writing with Output Streams

CHAPTER 3.Reading with Input Streams

CHAPTER 4.Building Directories and Contents

CHAPTER 5.Streaming Your Own Classes

Book VI. Advanced C++

CHAPTER 1.Exploring the Standard Library Further

CHAPTER 2.Building Original Templates

CHAPTER 3.Investigating Boost

CHAPTER 4.Boosting up a Step

Book VII. Building Applications with Microsoft MFC

CHAPTER 1.Working with the Visual C++ 2008 IDE and Projects

CHAPTER 2.Creating an MFC Dialog Box Project

CHAPTER 3.Creating an MFC SDI Project

CHAPTER 4.Using the Visual C++ 2008 Debugger

CHAPTER 5.Analyzing Your Visual C++ 2008 Code

Appendix A.Automating Your Programs with Makefiles

Appendix B.About the CD